Log on Instructions

  1. ChatRoom: Chose a Chat Room that you would like to chat in.
  2. Avatars: Chose the avatar that you want to go by in the chat room.
  3. Next: Click the next button at the bottom of the page.  To go to the next step and chose a NickName.
NOTE: This chat is logged, and any rude behavior can result in the user being
permanently banned from the chat room.

Dot  Dot 2  Nurse  Ivy 
Jun  Ken  Calvin  Evil Calvin 
Hobbes Boo Boo  Joe  Felix 
Robot  Joker  Jinpei  Hagar 
Huckleberry  Taz Tom Tweetie 
Woody  Yogi Freda Charlie
Lucy  Pig Pen Linus Shermie
Snoopy  Yelling Boss Dilbert
Bashful  Darkwing Doc Donald
Goofy  Grumpy Happy Jessica
Mermaid  Robin Sebastian Sleepy
Sneezy  Snow White Queen Cro Magnon
Einstein  Penguin Barney Fred
Wilma  Mario Garfield Jon
Sam  Crusher Daffy Cat
Elmer  Foghorn Leghorn Unknown